Barcode for Core Test Request _ Project with AWTA

Talman have been working with AWTA to add a barcode to the Core Test Request/Weight Note,  this will assist them with less data entry in their Laboratories, which in turn reduces cost and improves testing turnaround times.

We have created a new report which is a copy of the standard Core Test Request report used in the Australian Broking/Private Buying Systems.  This will be made available to all Australian Brokers/Private Buyers in the next release.   If you are interested in using this before the next release, please contact us by phone: 02 88316391 or email: and we can set it up on your system.

There will be a one-off charge for the Licence of the Barcode Font which will be added into your next 6 monthly fees.



Test Status Data from AWTA

AWTA Update and changes to the Talman Software (Note: Only Available to Australian Clients via AWTA).

AWTA will be making available Status of Samples in their Laboratories, particularly related to the existence of internal Check Tests, L/S samples requiring retufting and sale lots being recored. Each of these is a type of rework which  can delay the availability of the final certificate data.

The early identification of such delays through the “Test Status” information will assist  customers to make more informed decisions around lotting and cataloguing for sale deadlines.

Officially this will not be available until the next WIEDPUG Release in July 2017.

Talman has been working with AWTA to get these changes done to their software and they will be available next week in release 2017_1.

If you would like to get the Test Status data from AWTA, please contact John Billing (, and he will arrange for this data to become available to you.

Release 2017_1 – TDS/Emailing Changes

The first release of the year is nearly available and will contain enhancements to the TDS and Emailing from Talman software.

There have been multiple changes made to the Talman Distribution Service (TDS) programs for the Brokers which include adding the functionality of being able to send (in addition to the Growers), to the Agents, Sub-Agents, Branches and Sub-Branches.  The subject line can be set up in a user table to be changed for which ever option has been selected.  Not only that,  but the body of the message can be set up to allow for a different message if you are sending to an Agent compared to a Grower.   Talman Distribution Service is available on request to Brokers, and does incur an additional charge to your ASP/SLA fees.

For both the Brokers and Buyers, the function is now also available for the email body to include your signature and company logo.  The email body will be sent as an html which allows for these images to be included.

If you would like to know more about using TDS, or any of the above features, please either give us a call on 02 88316391 or email to


2017 has arrived, and with it a new revamped Talman website. There are a few pages still under construction, but we hope to have it all up and finalised in the next few months.

Talman is happy to announce that work on the new Talman software, under the management of Natalie Frank and her dedicated team, is in full swing. If you would like a demo of it, please email us on, and we will arrange this with you as soon as possible.

In the News section, we will keep you updated with any Talman News i.e. when releases are ready, any interesting facts, software changes that affect the whole industry etc. We hope that you find the website easy to use and informative.

Happy New Year to the whole of the Wool Industry.

Cathryn Gibson