Wool Buyer

WoolBuyer is Talman’s comprehensive wool trading package.

WoolBuyer covers everything a wool trading company requires, including sales, purchasing, production, shipping, in depth financials, risk management and comprehensive position reporting.

WoolBuyer is used in companies both small and large in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.



The Sales page allows detailed control over clients, their orders, wool allocations, derivative and foreign exchange risk management, order delivery and invoicing.


Manage your wool stock simply and easily. Import lots from Broker invoices, allocate to stock groups, orders and batches, view stock reports, create OMLs and split lots.

Core Testing

Manage every part of core testing and certification. Allocate to orders, request combination certificates and OML certificates, view average calculation reports (all to IWTO accuracy). Connect and pickup certificates from AWTA, NZWTA, SGS and other test houses.


Completely manage all parts of wool production. Maintain detailed results for all lots as they go through unlimited batch processes (greasy to scoured to tops to superwash to yarn to linen).


Prepare all your shipping documentation for local and international deliveries including packing lists, invoices, combination certificates, health and origin certificates, forwarding instructions and delivery orders.


Keep all financial processes completely under control. Purchasing, payments, creditor and debtor reports, finalisations, and every other GL affecting transaction is recorded. The WoolBuyer Stock Reconciliation module has turned the monthly tedium of cross-checking all details into a simple 2 minute procedure. Stock is reconciled to the cent every time.


WoolBuyer provides comprehensive position reporting to ensure management knows exactly where the wool is headed. Sales reports, derivatives and foreign exchange are all easily managed, along with summary stock reports and buyer reports.

If you would like to enquire more about the WoolBuyer software please contact the support team at support@talman.com.au