Talman ASP Hosting allows you to concentrate on doing your job while we look after all your hardware, networking, printer connections, backups and troubleshooting.

What is it?

Application Service Provider hosting means you outsource your server hardware and software to a provider (eg Talman) to look after. You simply connect over the internet using remote Desktop connection and view ‘your’┬ádesktop as though it were on your own computer.

Why is it useful?

By centralising all your application services on a single server, your users can connect to it easily and consistently. All users will experience the same performance regardless of their existing desktop machine. This is a great way to maximise computing performance for your staff.

All you need is to use your existing desktop computer in order to connect to the ASP server. And if you end up replacing your desktop computer you can be up and running quickly, since all you need to do is setup the RDP on the┬ádesktop.. No more reinstalling all those applications on everyone’s PC.

Another great advantage is that all your data is centralised and backed up daily (hot backup options can also be arranged). You no longer need to dedicate a staff member to follow through on backups and data checking. And no need to worry about running out of disk space – Talman monitors all the server details and increases capacity as required.

If you’d like more information or just want to chat about the advantages of a Talman hosted ASP solution for your business then please contact our Tech Manager David Watts at