WoolQ & WoolClip Integration Software with Talman

Talman offers Intergration Software for WoolQ and WoolClip


WoolQ is a web portal for the whole wool industry. The WoolQ portal allows wool growers and classers to cooperate on their electronic classer’s specification. The WoolQ eSpeci can be imported into the Talman broker system seamlessly and create lots, bales and the full NWD. Brokers can use their Talman system to send bale weights, valuations, test and sale results back to WoolQ grower accounts, all with existing software. WoolQ also has an online auction system and is planning a bulletin board for sales to the trade at any time. To find out more about WoolQ go to www.woolq.com or contact Nick Potter nick.potter@wool.com 0419 249 066


The primary objective of the program is to pickup and import clip species sent in to WOOLCLIP (AWEX Wool Clip Portal) and import these into your Talman broker system.
The program will be accessed from the special menu, and requires a Licence to be able to run.
A User Name and Password is required to be obtained from AWEX to access the Wool Clip Portal.
If you are interested in this software, then please contact Talman at support@talman.com.au to get a quote.

22nd May 2019