Grower enquiry webpage

WoolBroker Web Grower enquiry is a web add-on to our WoolBroker package, allowing Brokers to give web access to their clients (growers) to see the results of wool sales in real time.

With Grower enquiry a grower can log in and see the lots that the Broker offered for sale on their behalf including test certificate results and sale results.

The web site is used by Growers to enquire on the status of their wool within their broker’s system.

The following web sites demonstrate how Talman can use the same application, customising the look and feel of the web site for each customer individually. Click on any of the following links to view the Grower Enquiry Demonstration sites, and use the following logon information:
Login: OZ
Password: OZ

Grower Enquiry demo 1

Grower Enquiry demo 2


If you would like to enquire more about the Grower Enquiry Web  software please contact the support team at