Talman Release 2019_5

Please be advised that the next release 2019-5 is available from Friday 18th October 2019 on our website http://www.talman.com.au

Please ensure all previous releases are loaded before running 2019_5

You are welcome to load the release, however you must make sure you have the previous releases loaded. Please be sure that you have a successful backup of your system before loading releases.

For the clients who do not self install I will be in contact to arrange installation dates and time. If you would like instructions or assistance to install your own updates using our installer contact Support and we will be happy to install the Updater and instruct you in its use.

For the ASP  clients the release 2019-5 will automatically installed over the weekend of Friday 18th October 2019 or the following two weeks.  As this update is done at night the system is available during the day i.e. 8am to  6pm.  To allow for this update please ensure no users are logged into the system during this period.

Should you experience any difficulties or problems with any aspect of the release please do not hesitate to call (02 8831 6391) or email us at support@talman.com.au

Kelly Devine – Senior Support Consultant

18th October 2019